Who We Are

Sohobcom is Yemen's national cloud service provider.
Equipped with the latest technologies, Sohobcom provides locally-based IT services and digital solutions, aimed towards kickstarting the role of the national digital economy through enabling technical and digital solutions that are competitive, reliable, and up-to-date contributing to increased productivity while cutting costs significantly.

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Our Vision

We strive to become the leading cloud computing services provider in Yemen and accommodating all those who may need it.


Our Mission


Sohobcom aims to bridge the technology gap between the local and international economy, allowing companies and entrepreneurs in Yemen to shift their focus towards building their businesses, through providing secure, effective and cost-friendly national cloud solutions using methods that are both easy and fast while meeting the standards of the technology industry and adapting to the market's needs.

Our Values

  • Credibility and transparency.
  • Sustainable partnerships that contribute to businesses success.
  • Efficiency and quality in providing services.


Our Culture

Our Culture

Sohobcom derives its morals ​​from the Yemeni society as well as being inspired by the authentic and well-established values that are deeply rooted in history. Shedding light upon cooperation and collaboration to achieve mutual benefits.

In Sohobcom we aim towards overcoming the technology barrier between the local and international economy, while also achieving technology based communications, in hopes of encouraging companies and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without having to tackle the hassle of technology and security based issues, which is why we have provided national cloud computing solutions with global standards, cost-friendly prices, as well as it being the first time to launch such a service in Yemen.